Cold Weather Activities for Kids

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Well, if you are like me and have young kids, the winter just seems to drag on...and on.  The holidays are over.  You and your children have had your fill of baking, crafting, wrapping, shopping...just thinking about it  makes me exhausted.  The new toys are even loosing their fresh appeal....

I know for me I desperately needed a fun indoor activity and a chance to get out of the house. The Health Adventure in Asheville was a perfect solution!  Whether you are here on vacation or a resident it provides a wonderful and educational escape from spending another long winter day at home. 

I went yesterday with some friends and their children...our boys got a chance to play, explore, and learn.  They LOVED it, and so did we because we got a chance to talk and catch up.   There is so much they can learn (and you can too) as you walk with them and explore the different displays and activities, and there are many fun things they can play and experience on their own too.  Currently the featured exhibit is The Blue Man Group - Making Waves, but this is the last week with that exhibit.  Next is Alice's Wonderland which sounds like such fun! The cost is $8.50 for adults and $6 for children 2-11 (free under 2).  It is by far more memorable than going out for a snack, latte, and cup of hot chocolate (as we do so often) and just about the same price.  My son came home asking if we can go back tomorrow.  I just may have to look in to that annual membership ($75 per family).

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